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President’s Message: February 2011

Tim White, P.E., PTOE
2011 Southern District ITE President

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve my profession as President of the Southern District of ITE in 2011. Building on the strong leadership of the District over the past several years, I hope to continue the connections that Craig, Karen and Jim started. More information on the 2011 coordination goals will be shared in a later edition.

Your SDITE Board had a lively meeting in Lexington, Kentucky on December 9 and 10, 2010. Thank you to Scott Walker and the rest of the Kentucky Local Arrangements Committee for hosting us for this meeting. Horse country was beautiful in the snow!

One of my goals as President this year is to bring our spending in line with the revenues – to balance the budget. After some challenging discussions and split voting, we closed the gap from a $20k deficit in 2010 to a $4k deficit in 2011. Hopefully, we will all tighten our belts to make the budget balance at the end of the year. I want to thank the Board for the steps it took towards a balanced budget!

On April 10-13, 2011, we have an interesting meeting to look forward to in Lafayette, LA with the theme of Back to the Basics…Safety, Convenience & Efficiency. Many thanks to Tony Tramel and Travis Smith for their efforts as 2011 SDITE Annual Meeting Co-Chairs.

The Southern District is actively moving toward the goals identified in the 2012 Strategic Plan. We must thank the leaders of the Strategic Planning Committee who are transitioning off the teams and the new leaders that are stepping into new roles in 2011. First, many thanks go to Bill Seymour who lead the Strategic Planning Committee for the past three years. His big shoes will be ably filled by Cindy Pionke, who will be transitioning out of the lead role of the SPAM Team to assume her new responsibilities as the lead of the Strategic Planning Committee. With Cindy’s old role to be filled, I want to thank Hollis Loveday for agreeing to take the lead role for the SPAM Team. Thanks also go to John VanWinkle who completed his three-year term as lead of the IC&O Team and to Radha Swayampakala who will now be leading this team. Since Martin Bretherton has assumed a new role as Secretary-Treasurer of SDITE, his role as lead of the Technical Activities Team was vacated. I am still looking for a person who is interested to take on the leadership of this team. As you can see, the only two Teams that I did not mention were the Leadership and Workforce Development Teams, which will remain in the very capable hands of Richard Atkins and Jeff Moore – thank you Richard and Jeff for agreeing to continue leading these teams in 2011.

Other changes to committee chairs this year include the Student Activities Committee. Dyan Damron has done an excellent job of actively connecting with the student chapters over the past few years – thanks to her for her efforts to make these connections. Thanks to John Funny for volunteering to lead this important committee starting in 2011 – we know that John will continue to keep these important connections with the Student Chapters. Our Traffic Bowl has now received national attention due to the tireless efforts of James Foster, who conducted much of the work of this committee as a one-person “team”. Thanks to Richard Caudle for ably leading this important committee in 2011. We look forward to some of the new format that he will be premiering in April.

Several effective communication initiatives were started in 2010 by President Jim Westmoreland, many of which I will continue in 2011. Stay tuned for more details before we see each other at the Annual meeting.


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